Thank you for your interest in joining the Burnaby Board of Trade's "Women's Business Success Network"

The WBSN is a group of both men and women interested in supporting women in leadership positions at all levels of business to foster important discussion, facilitate meaningful connections, and advance advocacy positions.

If you would like to join the WBSN, the first step is completing the following application. There is no fee or charge to join the WBSN and we welcome applicants from all business sectors and sizes.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of the BBOT's Women's Business Success Network!

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The Women's Business Success Network is a volunteer-driven initiative of the Burnaby Board of Trade and as such, depends on volunteers to assist with its governance and activities.

There are two optional ways to get more involved in the WBSN beyond basic membership in the network.  Volunteering is not required but is a great avenue for professional and personal development.

Please indicate your interest in the following volunteer opportunities:

The WBSN Policy Committee is a group which conceptualizes, researches and develops public policy positions for the WBSN to take forward and advocate to government or the business community on.   This group also will serve as the managing body of the WBSN and oversees the structure of the group, its priorities and its activities.  

The WBSN Events Committee is a group which develops, organizes and implements events and programs specifically for the WBSN and tailored to women in business, such as social events, speaker panels, and educational sessions. 

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