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Thank you for your interest in the "Women of Prayer: Be Who You Are and Be That Well" Discernment Series at St. Jane House, a center for Salesian Spirituality and Hospitality sponsored by the Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis. We are excited to begin our 10th season offering discernment support for women of all ages and faith traditions listening for God's call for their lives.

Below, you will find the online registration form. Please complete this to the best of your ability and reserve the dates in your calendar: Mondays - October 5, 19; November 2, 16, 30; 7-9pm

Attendance at all five sessions is strongly encouraged. We will confirm your enrollment via email. A free will donation of $50 is appreciated. Thank you!

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* 2. How did you hear about this series?

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* 3. We'd like to know a bit about you and what you hope to gain through this series. Please provide us with a brief introduction (in five sentences or less). Consider including: What you are passionate about; any current prayer practices; what your faith background or tradition is; your current status/ post: --student? volunteer? professional? parent? minister? retired? single/partnered/ married? -- and one question that are you currently asking about your life and call to lead.

Thank you for your interest in this series. We look forward to meeting you on Monday, October 5, at 7pm. at St. Jane House, 1403 Emerson Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Your facilitation team:
Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde, Visitation Companion
Sr. Katherine Mullin, Visitation Sister of Minneapolis
Rev. Karen Wight Hoogheem, Lutheran Church in America