People and readiness are our top two priorities in U.S. Army Special Operations. Without the proper attention and care paid to our people, the health of our force and our ability to accomplish our mission are at risk. In order to continue answering the Nation’s call, we must be able to recruit, train, integrate, and retain America’s best and brightest talent.

Women serve in many vital roles across our command; even so, we continue to see evidence of potential barriers to maximize comprehensive integration and utilization of women, which directly impacts our mission. 

The Commanding General commissioned this survey to help identify the unique challenges women encounter throughout their service as part of Army Special Operations. We have an obligation to ensure every person in U.S. Army Special Operations Command is empowered to achieve their maximum potential in a safe and valued manner.

All responses are anonymous and will be presented to USASOC leaders as grouped categories. The results will also help guide focus group discussions to deepen our understanding of unique challenges women in Army Special Operations experience. Men and women are encouraged to take this voluntary survey; all feedback as leaders, peers, or mentors is invaluable.

This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.