Getting to know you better

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this application questionnaire for Women Thrive Alliance: we are grateful and excited you are considering becoming a member!

To become a member, you must be:
- a grassroots women's rights and/or gender equality organization, meaning that you are working directly with women and girls in the community you serve and that your organization's main goal is to defend women's rights and achieve gender equality.
- an organization directly engaging in advocacy for women's rights and/or gender equality within your community or country.
- Committed to collective advocacy and to working with other fellow advocates from around the world to advance gender equality globally. 

Women Thrive Alliance does not accept memberships from organizations that do not conduct any kind of advocacy, nor who do not specifically identify women's rights as a fundamental target of the organization's work. If you have doubts about your eligibility, please contact prior to completing an application. 

If you recognize yourself in the above commitments, you are in the right place! Please fill in the following questionnaire. Your answers will allow us to better know our future members as well as understand their needs.

Please allow yourself 45 minutes to go through this questionnaire. You will be asked to provide a short description of why you wish to become a member (you are welcome to draft this before starting answering the questions).

This first set of questions touches upon the type of your organization and the nature of your member base.

* 1. What is the name of your organization?

* 2. How would you best define the type of organization you are? (please choose one answer only)

* 3. How long has your organisation existed for?

* 4. What is the size of your leadership? By leadership, we mean the person or group of people leading the strategic vision of the organisation.

* 5. Out of your leadership, how many people are women?

* 6. How many staff and volunteers do you have in your organization? (By staff, we mean person for whom working for the organisation is the main full-time occupation, and by volunteers we mean people who provide pro-bono regular support to the organisation's work).

* 7. How many women does your organization engage with, represent and serves in average on a yearly basis?

* 8. From what areas are the women you work with primarily from?

* 9. If you do not only work with women, how many people overall does your organisation work with, represent and/or serves in average on a yearly basis?

* 10. How many communities do you work with in average on a yearly basis?