Please complete the survey below to indicate your interest in ACI's newly developed Women in Home Performance. The three main goals include:

1) Business Development and Market Transformation: This is first and foremost the priority of the Council. This is not so much about equality as it is about leveraging the strengths women bring to bear to build business and transform the market

2) Education: Educating men and women on those female strengths and how to effectively integrate it into business practices and decisions

3) Women Fellowship: This is the only aspect of this that would be open to women only. It’s an opportunity for women to build relationships, discuss issues that only women face, and learn from those who are more seasoned in addressing such issues/concerns.

* 1. Of the three goals mentioned above, rate them in order of importance to you:

  Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3
Business Development and Market Transformation
Women Fellowship

* 2. What are some key industry issues you think an organization like this should address?

* 3. Are you interested in participating in Women in Home Performance? Note that this is open to anyone!

* 4. Are you interested in playing a leadership role in activities in your community?

* 5. Will you be attending the ACI National Conference in Baltimore? (Go to for more information)

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