We need your input!
We are working with the Chicago Public Arts Group (CPAG.net) to help us plan and install a new mural on the Wolcott side of our school as part of the 2014 Campus re-imagination. As recommended by CPAG, our adult community will define the mural theme and then Ms. Tingly, our students, and a CPAG muralist will help flush out the elements and specific layout. Our children (and hopefully some parent volunteers) will help to actually install!
So with that said, following are the potential themes.

* 1. Please select the top 3 preferred options and if you have any ideas not represented here or even a comment to build upon an idea – please give us your thoughts!

* 2. Now looking at the same list, please select your single top preferred option.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Please look for notices on the school doors and on-line for results.