* 1. In your opinion, how much does the overall game audio (music, gunshot sounds, sound indicators of moving torpedoes, etc.) affect gameplay and your impressions of the game?

* 2. In your opinion, what is the main role that the overall game audio plays in the game?

* 3. What exactly would you like to improve in World of Warships’ overall game audio?

* 4. Have you ever installed a client modification affecting World of Warships’ overall game audio?

* 5. Have you ever been involved in the creation of sound modifications?

* 6. How would you like to improve the functionality of game sound modifications?

* 7. Would you like an option to download sound modifications directly from the official site?

* 8. Do you use the functionality built into the World of Warships client to listen to your own music in the game (user music functionality)?

* 9. How would you like to improve the user music functionality?

* 10. Have you ever played World of Warships while listening to music from other games or movies?

* 11. How often do you buy music digitally?

* 12. What kind of music do you like most?

* 13. Do you follow the latest trends in the music world?

* 14. Write your own top five types of music for playing games.

* 15. How often would you like to receive sound effect updates in our game?

* 16. On a scale of one to ten, in your opinion, how important is it to update overall game audio in the game and add new tracks? (ten - very important; one - does not matter)

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