Welcome to VESTA’s new educational series, Grapes and Wines of the World.  This new educational series is offered to all interested participants via online live, interactive Zoom sessions and is designed for consumers who wish to sample wines from global regions. Each session will focus on either a style of wine, such as sparkling wines and Champagnes, or a specific region and its typical varietal wines or blends, e.g. Alsatian white varietal wines. 

You, the participant will learn the sensory characteristics of the wines of the region - a result of the nature of wine grapes grown there and climate’s effect on bringing those grapes to the desired level of wine making maturity.  You will also learn the language to make future retail purchases and be able to discuss your enjoyment of wines with confidence.

After registration, you will receive, via email, instructions to purchase one or two wines (estimated average retail price of $15) that are typical of the region that is to be the focus of each session.

Reservations will be acknowledged by email. For questions, please contact michellenorgren@missouristate.edu.