Workforce of the Future - Organization Perspective

The gig economy is considered by some, the future of the workforce.  With platforms like UpWork,, Guru and others increasing their network of buyers and sellers annually, it's certainly worth considering. 

The most common reasons why individuals choose to freelance are:  freedom to choose when they work (days of week/ months of year); choose to specialize and offer that skill to many organizations; as a way to work while travelling; and as a way to easy into retirement.

Assuming freelance auditing is a going concern, and a trusted network will be available to support it, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.

Question Title

* 1. Which skill sets do you need to cover high risk areas of your Audit Plan but your team does not currently have? 

If you feel you have no unmet needs, please use the 'Other' option and provide a short explanation on how you manage this today.

Question Title

* 2. How would you prioritize these skills?

  Already Covered Not Required Required within 2 years Required within 1 year Required Now - Not Urgent Urgent
Data mining and analytics
Cybersecurity and data privacy
Robotic process automation
Artificial intelligence and/or machine learning
Social media/ social presence/ brand risk
Innovative thinking
Domain expertise (e.g. Actuarial for Insurance, Securities for Banking etc.)

Question Title

* 3. Does your team currently outsource or co-source parts of your Audit Plan?