ISNA Winter Seminar

When rating individual sessions that you attended please use a scale from 1 to 5 with 1- poor and 5 - excellent.

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* 1. Please indicate your job title.  Choose from the options below.

* 3. Serving A Diverse Gen-Z Palate in Schools 
Jason Pressler & Allen Vay, Rich Products Corporation

* 4. From Farm to Fork: Modern Agriculture and Our Future Food Supply 
Amy Jones & Christy Coon, Purdue University College of Agriculture
10:45-11:45 am

* 5. Candid Conversation: Turning Food Waste Into Opportunity
John Williamson, Food Rescue; Kathy Hahn Keiner, Gleaners;
Amanda Kruse, RD, CD, IPS, Jason Kirchhofer, Brown County Schools

* 6. Legislative Action Conference and Block Grant Update 
Sara Gasiorowski, SNS, MSD of Wayne Township

* 7. DOE Update 
Allie Caito-Sipe, IDOE; Tina Herzog, IDOE;
Beth Foland, MS, RDN, IDOE; Melissa Corum, RD, IDOE

* 8. Going Greek: Cultural Food Immersion 
Jane Horner, MS, Purdue University Extension

* 9. New Year’s Resolution Rescue: Nutrition and Yoga
Gayle Ebel, Monroe County YMCA; Shelby Boxell, IU Health Bloomington

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Seminar venue OVERALL - The Willows 
Continental Breakfast offered at The Willows 
Lunch meal offered at The Willows 
Venue staff/employees 

* 15. For future ISNA Winter Seminars, what Nutrition topics would be
beneficial to you?