The Wetaskiwin and Area Lodge Authority (WALA) is seeking your input on the West Pine Lodge in Winfield and future seniors housing demands in the area. The survey will be open until June 10 and will take only 2 minutes to complete.


The Seniors Lodge program in Alberta, including West Pine Lodge, offers accommodation in a congregate living setting with meal, housekeeping and laundry services as well as recreational opportunities for independent seniors.

Lodges do not directly offer health care services, but residents may receive health supports through home care based on their individual needs.

Applicants must be over 65 years of age. Exceptions may be made for applicants with special circumstances. In addition, applicants must be functionally independent, with or without the assistance of community-based services.

Local housing providers set their own lodge rates, and rates vary between regions. The Wetaskiwin and Area Lodge Authority sets the rates based on a percentage of income for the rent portion and a fixed monthly rate for the service package. Regardless of the monthly lodge rate, each resident must be left with at least $322 in monthly disposable income.

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* 1. Is it important to have a lodge in your community?

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* 2. Would you consider West Pine Lodge as your next housing option?  

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* 3. If considering a move from a family home to a seniors’ living setting, which of the following would influence your decision (check all that apply):

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* 4. If seniors’ apartment living was an option, would you consider:

  Yes No
Independent living with no services
Independent living with the option to purchase additional services (i.e., meals, housekeeping)

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* 5. When would you consider moving to a seniors housing setting?