* 1. I am from the following region:

* 2. The following statement best describes me:

* 3. My cellar door has:

* 4. My cellar door visitation comes from (please rank with 1 being the highest proportion):

* 5. I derived the following percentage of my wine business's annual income from cellar door tourism (visitation) in the 2012-13 Financial Year.

* 6. I think that the greatest priority for increasing cellar door tourism in my region is:

* 7. I think that the greatest priority for increasing sales from tourism visits at my cellar door is:

* 8. Are you aware of Tourism Victoria's Regional Tourism Strategy 2013-2016?


* 9. I think this strategy is:

* 10. Is there anything else that you would like Wine Victoria to know about the issues and opportunities for wine tourism in Victoria

* 11. I would like to be kept informed of Wine Victoria's activities