Grocery Shopping Patterns

* 1. How much does your household spend in total in an  average week on groceries? (select one)

* 2. Where do you spend most of your grocery dollars? (select one)

* 3. How much of your grocery dollars does your household spend at Wild Oats in an average week?

* 4. From the list below, please rank the three factors which, if implemented, would cause you to spend more of your grocery dollars at Wild Oats Market (1= most important, 2 = second most important, etc.)

  1 - most important 2 - second most important 3 - third most important
I already spend 100% of my grocery dollars at the co-op
Friendlier staff
More convenient location
Lower prices
Availability of more natural/organic foods
Improved store cleanliness/condition
Improved product selection/variety
Increased responsiveness to customer feedback
More convenient hours of operation
Availability of more national brands (e.g. Kraft, Kellogg's) I/my family likes
Availability of more local foods
Improved store atmosphere/ambiance
Improved product quality/freshness
More knowledgeable staff
Improved reliability of products in-stock
More convenient parking

* 5. On average, how often do you shop at Wild Oats?

10% of survey complete.