As part of the Wickham Road Operational Analysis, potential alternatives have been developed to improve the observed congestion and safety issues while also incorporating multi-modal solutions to facilitate pedestrian, bicycle, and transit movement along the corridor. The analysis has focused on identifying improvements for the section of Wickham Road from Eau Gallie Boulevard to Lake Washington Road in the City of Melbourne.
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The following survey presents preliminary improvement alternatives based on the issues/opportunities identified during existing conditions analysis. Multiple alternatives are currently being considered for typical sections along the corridor. Two alternatives are also being considered for both the Eau Gallie Boulevard and Wickham Road intersection, and the Aurora Road and Wickham Road intersection.

Please select your preferred alternative for one of the typical sections and one each for the Eau Gallie and Aurora intersections. We look forward to receiving your input.

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* 1. Which typical section do you prefer for Wickham Road between Eau Gallie Boulevard and Lake Washington Road?

A typical section applies to roadway segments between signalized intersections. Intersection design elements, such as additional turn lanes, are not reflected in a typical section.

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* 2. Which option do you prefer for intersection improvement at Eau Gallie Boulevard and Wickham Road?

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* 3. Which option do you prefer for intersection improvement at Aurora Road and Wickham Road?

Thank you for your input. For additional information about this project, please visit You can submit any additional comments or concerns on the online interactive map at The public comment period will remain open until close of business November 15, 2017.