WiVi Trials Submissions - 2017

WiVi will be held on March 15, 2017 at the Paso Robles Event Center. One of the most popular aspects of last year's conference was the trials tastings. We had winemakers pouring wines from over 10 trials in the Exhibition Hall. We had feedback from winemakers telling us they would like to have trials they are doing included in our trials tastings.  Please use the form below to submit the trials that you would like to present at WiVi 2017 .

* 1. Name of Contact Person (person we should contact with questions)

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* 3. Winery Name

* 4. Winemaker Name

Trial Details
Please answer the questions below for your trial.  If you have more than one trial you are submitting, enter the info for your first trial below and then click "yes" in Question 10.  You can submit as many as three trials.

* 5. Trial Name

* 6. Varietal

* 7.  Appellation or Region where the grapes are from

* 8. Objective of Trial

* 9. Description of the Trial (general methods, techniques and conditions tested; 2,000 character max)

* 10. Please enter a description of each of the lots of your trial

* 11. Do you have at least 6 bottles of each of the lots above to pour?

* 12. Trial Conclusions: Objective scientific results and subjective conclusions (1,000 characters max)

* 13. Do you have another Trial you'd like to submit?