Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018  ¦  Consultation Process

Women in Surgery Africa (WiSA) is a membership group which provides support to female surgeons, surgeons in training and medical students in the 10 member countries of the College of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA). It was established in 2015 and is endorsed by COSECSA and is a recognised sub-group of the College.

Thank you participating in the first WiSA Survey.

WiSA exists to create value for stakeholders and through this consultation process the WiSA Board aims to better understand the needs, wants and expectations of stakeholders. This Survey will inform the development of the WiSA Strategic Plan which will guide our work from 2016 - 2018. We are committed to preparing this Strategic Plan in a way that listens to the views of interested organisations and individuals. 

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* 2. Please indicate which resources you would recommend WiSA to develop to help your professional and personal development?

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* 3. Do you agree with the five priorities/goals set out for WiSA's Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018? Please provide comments.

  Less important Important Very Important Extremely Important
Improve participation of women in surgery and surgical training programmes in East, Central and Southern Africa.
Provide training, research and professional development opportunities for women surgeons/trainees in East, Central and Southern Africa.
Develop sustainable partnerships with national/international stakeholders interested in supporting/promoting WiSA.
Raise awareness of gender and equity issues in surgery.
Establish WiSA governance and financial management systems.

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* 4. What, if any, advantages have you encountered as a woman working in surgery/engaged in a surgical training programme? 

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* 5. What, if any, challenges have you encountered as a woman working in surgery/engaged in a surgical training programme?

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* 6. What could be the likely impact, including practical changes, that you would like WiSA to make for women in surgery in East, Central and Southern Africa?