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Creating a best-in-class global community cross-segment in the hospitality industry

Welcome to WiH Global [‘WiH’]. WiH is a global not-for-profit organisation and best-in-class community who believe that by collaborating, we can have greater impact and raise the game to create a hospitality industry that is more diverse and inclusive.

We are midway through our global rollout, and WiH is looking for inspiring women & men to join our community from companies not yet represented (see our website for link) who Build, Fund, Operate and/or Advise hotels (BFOA) across Americans, EMEA and APAC. You are dedicated, engaged and willing to invest your time, share knowledge and actively contribute to the WiH community.

Bring your best self and together we will raise the game. 

This questionnaire has 35 queries which will take approximately 20 minutes, so take your time, commit, and we hope to onboard you as one of our first 500 members (450 women and 50 men). Please note that Question 19, Question 22, Question 26 and Question 33 are mandatory.

Should you be approved for membership, you will receive a confirmation email within 3-4 weeks. If you have not heard from us within this time, please contact

WiH: Stronger Together.
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