1. Who's Your Farmer? Producer Listing Form

Who’s Your Farmer? is a free online directory of small farmers and producers in the 5-county Gorge region. The Who's your Farmer? directory is one of the most visited pages on the Gorge Grown website. It serves as a reference tool for consumers, restaurateurs, and producers, helping them to connect and grow local markets. We’re looking for farmers and producers who grow or produce any kind of local food - and who want to sell it locally. Listings are FREE!

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* 6. What kid of agritourism does your farm offer, if any?

* 7. What kind of U-Pick do you offer?

* 8. Would your farm be interested in gleaning?

Our gleaning project aims to address food insecurity, reduce food waste and improve overall community health while strengthening diverse community connections. We invite commercial growers, private homeowners and markets that have more fresh produce than they can sell or use, to register their crops online. Crop Donation Tax Credits are available and liability is covered under the Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. Collected produce is distributed by local food banks and food pantries to our neighbors in need.  

Based on your interest, we will contact you with further information.