* 1. In your home community how often do you use reusable bags while shopping?

* 2. How concerned are you about plastic bag use in your community?

* 3. During your recent stay at the Crystal Lodge a reusable bag trial was being carried out with the ‘Whistler Bag’. Did you: (multiple options can be selected)

* 4. If the Whistler Bag had the Crystal Lodge logo on it, would this have affected your decision to purchase / not purchase the bag?

* 5. Imagine your stay as if Whistler were a plastic bag free community. Would this have impacted the quality of your visit?

* 6. A number of tourism focused communities around the world have moved to become plastic bag free. If visiting these communities would you: (multiple options can be selected)

* 7. Would you support Whistler becoming plastic bag free as part of its journey towards Zero Waste?

* 8. Please share any additional comments you have.