Vegetation Management for Shoreline Landowners 2018

Vegetation Management Workshop: A workshop for shoreline property owners to learn about coastal geology and how to manage your landscape for slope stability and wildlife habitat.
Thursday, May 3, 2018; 6:00pm-8:00pm
Bayview Community Hall 
5642 Bayview Rd
Langley, WA

Shoreline landowners in Island County are invited to attend a FREE workshop on coastal processes and shoreline erosion management using native vegetation. Whidbey Island's marine shorelines support marine food webs and the local economy. People who live and work on shoreline properties have a large role to play in their protection and restoration. Ben Alexander from Sound Native Plants and Lisa Kaufman from the Northwest Straits Foundation will highlight the why and how of effective landscape management at this workshop designed specifically for shoreline landowners.

A limited number of free site visits by coastal erosion specialists will also be offered to qualifying property owners. During the site visit, qualifying property owners will be provided with specific recommendations regarding management of their shoreline properties.

Who should attend?

Consider attending this workshop and apply for a free site visit if you:
- Live on a bluff and have experienced erosion, drainage, or vegetation issues and want to find ways to reduce impacts to your property.
- Have a broad beach or low bank and want tips on how to protect your property while promoting healthy marine ecosystems.
- Are considering removing or repairing hard armoring on your shoreline.

The workshop is made possible with funding support from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Marine Nearshore Grant Program and the Habitat Strategic Initiative and US Environmental Protection Agency. In partnership with the Island County Marine Resources Committee.

If you have questions about the workshop or the site visit opportunity, please contact Dana Oster at the Northwest Straits Foundation at (360) 733-1725 or email or visit our website at

* 1. To register, please provide the following information. If possible, please be sure to include your email address. Your privacy is important; please note that your contact information will not be shared.

* 2. Are you a permanent or seasonal resident?

* 3. How long have you lived along the shoreline?

* 4. Where is your property located?

* 5. What do you enjoy most about your coastal property?

* 6. What concerns you most about your coastal property?

* 7. How would you categorize your property?

* 8. How would you characterize the rate of erosion on your property?

* 9. Does your property contain some form of shoreline armoring or protection?

* 10. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, please describe the type of shoreline protection.

* 11. If your property contains armoring, would you consider removing, reducing the size of the armoring, or modifying it if a qualified professional told you that was possible?

* 12. If your property does not currently contain armoring, are you currently considering installing erosion protection?

* 13. Planting native vegetation on your shoreline property can improve slope stability and provide essential habitat for wildlife. Would you consider adding native plants to your shoreline property?

* 14. Are you interested in receiving a professional site visit to evaluate erosion management of your property?