The City of Westport is conducting a survey and would like to hear from you. The responses obtained from this survey will be used to update the City’s Park and Recreation Plan. Your needs are an important part of the planning process, and your response to this survey is strongly encouraged. Responses are confidential and anonymous.

The survey can be filled electronically or downloaded from the City’s web site at  Hard copies are available at Westport City Hall. The survey is available from February 15, 2017 until March 15, 2017.  Please return hard copies to Westport City Hall no later than March 15th.    

* 1. How many times have members of your household used each of the following City of Westport park and recreation sites in the last year? Please check the response that applies for each site listed below.

  Never 1-4  5-9 10 or more
Community Garden
Grand Army Memorial Park
Hancock St. Pedestrian Beach Access
Harms Field
Harriet Dorland Municipal Park
Ocean Ave. Pedestrian Beach Access
Rydman Field
Street of Flags Veterans Memorial
Westport Bike Route
Westport Light Trail System (Dune Walk)
Westport Maritime Museum
Westport-South Beach Senior Center

* 2. Please indicate which facilities you and your household use. Please check all that apply.

* 3. Of the facilities you currently use are there any you feel should be expanded or improved? If so, please specify.

* 4. Are there any new facilities that you feel should be developed? If so, please specify. 

* 5.
We are interested in your opinion of our facilities. Please rate each item 1 through 5. 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.

  1 2 3 4 5
Access to athletic fields/facilities
Cleanliness of parks
Safety of parks
Information about park & rec opportunities.

* 6. Where do you live?

* 7. How many months a year do you reside in Westport?

* 8. Please indicate the number of persons in your household in each age group. Fill in all that apply.

* 9. What your approximate annual household income?

* 10. If you chose to add or expand facilities how should the City fund them. Please check all that apply.

* 11. How much of a tax increase would you be willing to pay per person, per year?

* 12. General Comments: