Thank you for taking the Westfield Community Survey! It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey. It is not necessary to answer a question to proceed to the next question. All household members age 16 and older can take the survey.

The Westfield Planning Commission will use your survey responses to update the Town Plan. The plan is important because it is our shared vision for the future of the town, and is the basis for long-range initiatives and zoning. Westfield's plan is also taken into consideration in Act 250 and Section 248 reviews. The latter is the review process the Public Utility Commission uses for energy generation and telecommunications infrastructure.

The Town Plan expires in December 2018. Collecting information from the community is the first step to update the plan.

Survey responses are confidential unless you choose to identify yourself at the end of the survey. Thank you!

Questions? Contact a member of the Planning Commission
Brian Dunn: 802-744-2441
Dianne Laplante, Secretary: 802-744-2335
Yvan LaPlume: 802-744-9927
Loren Petzoldt, Vice Chair: 802-744-6532
Pat Sagui, Chair: 802-744-2345

* 1. 1. What is your residency status?

* 2. How many people are in your household?

* 3. Please indicate the number of household members who fall into each age category:

* 4. How long have you lived in Westfield?

* 5. What is your employment status?

* 6. For full-time residents only: If you are employed, what is your average daily commute to and from work in miles? (Please enter a whole number.)

* 7. For full-time residents only: Do you telecommute (i.e. work from home)?

* 8. For full-time residents only: Is there something that prevents you from telecommuting? (Check all that apply.)

* 9. For full-time residents only: Do you or anyone in your household own or operate a business or farm in Westfield?

* 11. Do you rent or own your Westfield home?

* 12. What type of housing is your Westfield residence? 

* 13. Approximately what year was your house built? (If your house has multiple additions or renovations, identify the approximate year of the main portion of the house.

* 14. Do you consider your housing costs to be:

* 15. What contributes the most to your housing costs?

* 16. If you are a FULL-TIME resident, do you see yourself living in Westfield for the next 10 years?

* 17. If you are a PART-TIME resident, are you considering a permanent move to Westfield in the next 10 years?

* 18. Would you ever consider providing housing through an accessory apartment (for example, a mother-in-law suite or a homeshare)?

* 19. What do you like about living in Westfield? (Pick all that apply.)

* 20. What do you dislike about living in Westfield? (Pick all that apply.)

* 21. What do you think defines Westfield and makes it a special place? (Check all that apply.)

* 22. Regarding residential development over the past decade, what statements do you agree with? (Check all that apply.)

* 23. Do you farm? (Check that answer that is most appropriate.)

* 24. What type of agricultural operation do you have? (Check all that apply -- even if you produce only for personal consumption.)

* 25. What areas should Westfield should focus on over the next eight years? (Pick up to FIVE.)

* 26. Are there issues that you are concerned about in Westfield? (Check all that apply.)

* 27. What is the PRIMARY heating source for your Westfield residence? 

* 28. Do you have a SECONDARY heating source for your Westfield residence? (Check all that apply.)

* 29. If you use a wood stove, how old is it?

* 30. What have you done to reduce your energy use in the past five years? (Check all that apply.)

* 31. True or False: We have converted all or most of our light bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs.

* 32. Do you support language in the Town Plan to direct the location and scale of:

  Yes No
Wind towers
Solar installations

* 33. Would you like information or training on the following topics? (Check all that interest you.)

* 34. If you are interested in serving on a town committee, board, or commission, or would like to be contacted about a specific concern, please fill in the following information: