Thank you for participating in the City of Westfield Parks & Recreation 2017 Public Survey!

Your input is essential to our community’s future development of the City of Westfield’s Parks & Recreation Department. The survey will be open through Friday, August 4th. 

The information collected from this survey will be compiled and utilized in the development of concerns, priorities, and an action plan for our department and the City to implement over the next five years. The answers and input you provide will greatly help guide our planning process and allow us to incorporate the community’s priorities and desires for park and trail facilities, and recreation opportunities throughout the city of Westfield. 

As you may know, the city of Westfield’s Parks & Recreation department overlaps with Hamilton County and Washington Township Park & Recreation Departments.  Each of the surrounding Cities and Towns operate their own Park Departments. While each are distinct and separate entities, the various departments do coordinate to avoid duplication of efforts. For example, Hamilton County operates Cool Creek Park and Bray Family Park in or near Westfield and Washington Township operates MacGregor Park north of Westfield. For the purposes of this survey, please focus your answers on the parks and events operated by the City of Westfield.

Thank you again for your time and input to allow the City of Westfield Parks & Recreation an opportunity to better serve the community!


Melody Jones

Director of Westfield Parks & Recreation

* 1. Are you a Westfield resident?

* 2. Gender

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. Please list the number of people in your household by age:

  0 people 1 person  2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people 8 people
Ages 0-9
Ages 10-18
Ages 19-34
Ages 35-55
Ages 55+

* 5. What is your employment status?

* 6. What is your annual household income range:

* 9. With whom do you most often visit parks?

* 10. Please rate the quality of each park and its facilities:

  Very Good Good Average Poor Don't Know
Armstrong Park
Asa Bales Park
Freedom Trail Park
Hadley Park
Liberty Park
Old Friends Cemetery Park
Quaker Park
Raymond Worth Park
Simon Moon Park

* 11. Please rate the quality of each trail:

  Very good Good Average Poor Don't Know
Monon Trail
Cool Creek Trail
Grassy Branch Trail
Natalie Wheeler
Midland Trace Trail

* 12. Is there a need for recreation-style athletic fields for youth or adult sports leagues or pick-up games, such as:

* 14. Grand Junction Plaza is underway downtown. Phase 1 (Mill Street) is complete and Phase 2 (restoration of Grassy Branch Creek) will start in the coming months. Do you support the completion of this signature park in a timely manner?

* 15. What method of funding would you prefer the city use for Grand Junction Plaza?

* 16. If we were to develop a campground, what amenities would you prefer? Pick all that apply.

* 17. If Westfield were to develop a dog park, what amenities would you prefer?

* 18. Are there areas of the City that are currently underserved by park facilities, and if so where?

* 20. What makes Westfield's parks and trails unique from other communities?

* 21. How do you learn about parks, trails and events in Westfield?

* 22. Is the City of Westfield website ( informative and useful?

* 23. Is the Westfield Welcome website ( informative and useful?

* 24. Knowing funding is limited, which of the following are reasonable funding sources for City of Westfield to pay for new amenities in the parks?

* 25. Would you support a City of Westfield Parks & Recreation Foundation?

* 26. If you had $100 to spend for Parks & Recreation facilities how would you distribute funds for the following categories:

* 27. Do you have any other comments for the City of Westfield Parks and Recreation Department?

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