* 1. Communities on both sides of Finchley Road are coming together to campaign for improvements to the road for residents and users.

As a concerned member of the community, do you think it is important that TfL consults with us, and that we work with TfL at every stage of the construction of Cycle Superhighway 11, to achieve improvements to Finchley Road?

* 2. It is proposed that this campaign focuses on the part of Finchley Road from Swiss Cottage in the south to Hendon Way in the north.

Do you think this is reasonable?

* 3. How do you mainly use Finchley Road?

* 4. Are you concerned about the volume of traffic on Finchley Road?

Finchley Road pre early 1960s - with wide pavements and tree-lined

Finchley Road pre early 1960s  - with wide pavements and tree-lined

* 5. Do you think that air pollution is a problem on and close to Finchley Road?

* 6. Do you think there should be more trees and greenery on Finchley Road?

* 7. Do you think more space should be given to pedestrians on Finchley Road?

* 8. To create more of a sense of community, would you like small squares and seating areas created?

* 9. Do you think the railings along the centre of the road should be removed?

* 10. TfL is proposing a new Cycle Superhighway (a dedicated cycle lane) on Finchley Road - do you think this is a good idea?

* 11. Do you think the dedicated cycle lane(s) should be physically segregated from buses and other motor traffic?

* 12. How might the cycle lane(s) be physically segregated from motor traffic?

* 13. Are you in favour of keeping dedicated bus lanes on Finchley Road?

* 14. Would you support measures to reduce the amount of space given to vehicles on Finchley Road – for example, by removing one or more lanes of traffic?

* 15. In order to give our campaign greater focus, please select FOUR issues from the list below that are most important to you for the future of Finchley Road:

* 16. Would you like to see measures to promote the road's shops and businesses - and to provide a more diverse range of retail premises?

* 17. What might encourage you to travel by bus along Finchley Road more?

* 18. What might encourage you to cycle along Finchley Road more?

* 19. TfL is hoping to encourage a modal shift away from reliance on cars.
Please can you tell us what might encourage you to walk along Finchley Road more?

* 20. Do you think more space should be allocated for parking on Finchley Road?

* 21. Do you think there should be new pedestrian crossings on Finchley Road?

* 22. Do you think there should be improvements to existing pedestrian crossings on Finchley Road?

* 23. If you would like to be added to one or both of our mailing lists, please add your email address:

* 24. Do you have any other comments or suggestions you would like to make?

* 25. Finally, in order for us to make sure we represent the views of people across the area, please can you leave your postcode (we shan't publish this information).