What are your thoughts & views on Open Space & Recreation?

The Town of Wenham is in the process of updating its 2001 Open Space and Recreation Plan.  This survey is being conducted as part of this process to understand the needs and priorities of our residents.  We need your input!

An Open Space and Recreation Plan is a blueprint for progress; it establishes priorities and identifies actions over a seven-year period that will guide the Town on matters involving open space.  It is a critical tool for creating an inventory of a community’s protected land and water areas and for identifying undeveloped parcels.  Based on community values and input, all ages have a stake in this Plan and everyone can participate in its development.  An approved plan will guide the Town on matters involving recreation and open space and will make Wenham eligible to apply for certain State grants for recreational facilities and open space acquisition.  

In order to make thoughtful decisions and provide guidance that affects Wenham's future, we need to hear from you, our residents, our taxpayers, our community.  We are representing you, so it is important for you to let us know how you feel and what you want for the Town. 

Your opinion is important.  Please help us plan for the future of our community by completing this short, 11-question survey.  All responses will be confidential and anonymous.  Please complete this survey only once.  If you have additional information you wish to share with us, please feel free to elaborate in writing in the space provided at the end of the survey.  

 All surveys must be completed by DECEMBER 4, 2017.  Paper surveys are available at the Town Hall, Library & Council on Aging.  Public computers are available at the Library.

Thank you,

The Wenham Open Space & Recreation Committee 
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