Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA) Transportation Study

How can we improve transportation in the Wedge neighborhood? 

This survey is a follow-up to responses received at the LHENA Annual Meeting, held April 19, 2017. At that meeting, the LHENA Zoning & Planning Committee asked neighborhood residents, business owners, and property owners to identify and prioritize themes, issues, and locations related to transportation. The top themes and issues identified by attendees included: Crosswalks, parking, traffic calming, traffic flow, traffic signals and stop signs, and bicycle infrastructure. A complete summary of results can be found here

This survey is the latest round of input to create a scope of work for transportation improvements in the neighborhood. The goal of the study will be to identify issues specific to the neighborhood and develop potential solutions to aid in future planning. LHENA has been conducting periodic outreach since the 2015 Annual Meeting to narrow down the focus of the study. The study findings will be shared with the Department of Public Works.

Questions? Comments? Want to get involved further? Email LHENAZoningPlanning@gmail.com

* 1. Rank the ways you travel in the neighborhood, where 1 is your most frequent mode of travel, and 4 is your least frequent mode of travel.

* 2. Where in the neighborhood is it difficult to cross the street or get around as a pedestrian? Please explain.

* 3. Where and how, if at all, in the neighborhood should the design of streets be changed to improve safety? Examples may include speed bumps, "bump outs" at intersections, changing travel lane widths, improved signage, etc.

* 4. Where and when, if at all, is traffic congestion an issue in and around the neighborhood?

* 5. Where would you, or do you, like to ride a bicycle in the neighborhood? Using what type of infrastructure (e.g., bicycle boulevard, on-street bicycle lane, on-street bicycle lane with physical separation from cars, off-street bicycle/pedestrian trail, etc.)?

* 6. If you own a car, where in the neighborhood is it parked most often?