* 1. What is your wedding invitation budget?

(Should be the total for save the dates, wedding invitations and additional paper pieces like menu cards and place settings if applicable.)

* 2. On a scale of 1-5 how important are your wedding invitations (1 being the least, 5 being the most).

* 3. Please rate each element of wedding planning, 4 being the most important and 1 being the least important.

  1 2 3 4
Wedding Invitations
Perfect Venue
Wedding Gown
Food / Drink
Decor Elements

* 4. What style of invitation do you plan on buying? Choose the one that describes your invitation design sense the best.

* 5. Do you know the difference between all the styles of printing? (Engraving, Letterpress, Thermography, Flat Printed)

* 6. If yes, please select the print method you plan on using / purchasing for your wedding invitation.

* 7. Are you sending paper save the dates?

* 8. Do you plan to purchase paper accessories? If so, please select ALL that apply.

* 9. Where do you plan on purchasing your invitations?

* 10. Will all your "wedding stationery" coordinate/have the same theme?

* 11. Does your wedding stationery match the theme and colors of your wedding?

* 12. If yes, please select your wedding colors (up to 4).

* 13. How will you address your invitations?

* 14. Do you plan on buying lined envelopes?

* 15. If you plan on buying lined envelopes, what style of liner do you love?

* 16. Do plan on using a monogram or image icon on your wedding invitation? (ie a palm tree, a boat, etc)

* 17. Do you LOVE paper or is it just another thing on your list?