Identify Professional Development Needs

The purpose of the IAAND Professional Development Committee is to design and support quality educational and professional development opportunities that fulfill IAAND member needs. As we plan to offer more free webinars for next year, we ask you to please complete this short survey so we can better identify your education needs. 

This survey has two pages, one for topics and one for speaker nominations.  

Question Title

* 1. Please rate your interest in the following proposed webinar topics using a scale of 0, not interested would not attend webinar to 9 Extremely interested, would DEFINITELY attend webinar.

  0-Not Interested, 0% chance of attending 2- 3-Only slightly interested with a small likelihood of attending 4- 5-Moderately interested with about 50% chance of attending 6- 7- Very Interested with a high likelihood of attending 8- 9-Extremely interested would DEFINITELY attend
Kids Eat Right International Experiences, How to Get Involved
Nutrition Care Process - International experiences forum
Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines (EBNPG) and Renal Disease
Evidence Based Practice (EBP)-  What is the difference between Systematic Reviews, Scoping and Guidelines, and new guideline topics from Academy
EBNPG - Update on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
EBP - Wellness program success-forum
EBNPG - Nutrition Screening in Adults & Pediatrics  (released 2018)
EBNPG - Malnutrition in Pregnancy (Released 2018)
Food Sensitivities Assessment and Management
Navigating copyright and intellectual property protection
Integrative and Functional Nutrition - Therapeutic Elimination Diets
Nutrition focused physical exam-chronic disease
EBP - Behavior change counseling
EBNPG - Updates on Lipid Metabolism Disorders
Nutritional Genomics
Effective communication and motivational interviewing
Cultural Foods-Nations in the continent of Africa
Cultural Foods - Nations in Northern Europe
Cultural Foods - Caribbean
Global Leadership Initiative Malnutrition (GLM) guidelines and validation
Food Fortification around the world -  Present and Future
Sustainable food programs around the world
Expansion of dietitians' Scope of Practice:  Development around the world
Social Media Training
Trending Research in Dietetics/First glance reports from researchers in the IAAND
The Standardized Dysphagia Diet
Mindful Eating

Question Title

* 2. Please provide additional topics for future webinars.

Question Title

* 3. Any other suggestions/comments