Social Media Survey

NMSU-A would like to know what social media you use and your opinion of its potential for enhancing educational opportunities.

Social media includes web based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue. Platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace etc.

* What Social Media platforms do you currently use? Select all that apply

* Are you aware that NMSU-A has a Facebook account?

* Do you follow (like) the NMSU-A Facebook page?

* Are you aware that NMSU-A has a Twitter account?

* Do you follow the NMSU-A Twitter stream?

* If you are not currently using Social Media to interact with NMSU-A, would you in the future?

* Which age group are you in?

* Please indicate your racial/ethnic background (select all that apply).

* How are you accessing social media? (select all that apply)

* Do you have unlimited text messaging through your cellphone?

* Please choose the status that best applies to you.

* What other social media platforms would you want NMSU-A to use in addition to Facebook and Twitter (select all that apply)?

* Do you feel social media has a place in the classroom?

* What is your prefered method of contacting your instructors? (Select one item for each row and column)

  Best 2nd 3rd 4th Worst
Social Media
Face to face

* Please indicate any comments you have concerning social media use at NMSU-A