* 1. In what ways do you think SINGING with your child helps build literacy skills?

* 2. What is one song that you really enjoy SINGING with your child?

* 3. What did you talk about with your child while exploring the webquest?

* 4. Can you think of a couple of topics of conversation for you and your child? (please list)

* 5. What is your child’s favorite book or story?

* 6. Why do you think your child likes this particular story or book so much?

* 7. How do you think writing helps a child develop early literacy skills?

* 8. Why do you think PLAYING is important for young children to build literacy skills?

* 9. Name 3 ways your child likes to play. What games do you play with your child?

* 10. Thank you for taking the time to complete the Utah Kids Ready to Read Webquest. Please enter the adult information below so we can send your family a free book. The free book is made possible by a generous grant from the Utah Humanities Council. *Note: Books will only be sent to families living in Utah.

* 11. Age range of your child for appropriate book selection.

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