How do you like the historic Waterloo train station, lighting and parking?

In 2010, the Town of Waterloo was awarded a TIGER II federal grant to open a train station for Amtrak passengers.  Residents wanted to improve the bus shelter for the town's visitors after watching them wait in poor or unpredictable weather for years.  The Town received a TIGER II grant and, after many changes to the project, the decision was made to move the historic train depot closer to the boarding area and open it for year-round passenger use. The building had been rehabilitated in 2010 with Transportation Enhancement funds. A new parking lot, ADA-compliant sidewalks, crosswalks and lighting was added to areas leading to the boarding area.  
Construction began in March 2016, the Town Council hired station attendants and on June 24, 2016, the Waterloo Depot re-opened for passengers--45 years after it was de-commissioned as a train station. A volunteer committee, Friends of the Depot, will oversee displays and fundraising for station upkeep.
Due to regulations and agreements between Amtrak and Norfolk Southern Corporation, the Town was not able to improve the boarding platform or move it closer to the station. Amtrak may improve the boarding area in the future.  Wi-fi will be installed soon.

Please help us by taking a few minutes to answer 10 questions. This survey is part of our requirement for the TIGER II grant funding: or at

* 1. Is this your first time to board or depart Amtrak in Waterloo, Indiana?

* 2. Please rate the adequacy of the bus-stop-style shelter at the boarding platform to meet basic needs of Amtrak riders.

* 3. Please rate the adequacy of the Waterloo Depot to meet basic needs of Amtrak riders.

* 4. Please rate the amount of lighting at the Waterloo Amtrak facility.

* 5. Please rate the quality of parking at the Waterloo Amtrak facility.

* 6. Please rate the accessiblity of the walkways and boarding platform used to get on and off the Amtrak trains.

* 7. Please rate the quality of the directional signs leading to the Waterloo Amtrak station and the signs at the facilitly.

* 8. Do you feel safe at the Waterloo Amtrak Station?

* 9. What type of services would you like at the Waterloo Amtrak Station?

* 10. Additional comments?