Dear Business owner: "The Proposed Wataynikaneyap Powerline will present some business opportunities to partner First Nation Communities.  We are collecting information from local businesses in our community to help us capitalize on opportunities that will come from this construction. ALSO, we are creating a business directory book for our community and for the north that we would like your business to be a part of.  Even if your business is small, we want to include it in this important project!"  .
All 22 Watay Partner Communities are doing these business surveys.
When entering data into this form, please make sure all information is complete and correct -  it will be published in the Business Directory!

1. Interviewer(s) (if applicable):

2. Person Interviewed:

3. Interview Date:

4. What Community is this business in?

5. What is the name of this business?

6. What type of business is this?

7. How many employees work at this business? (include the owners if they work at this business)

8. Who owns the business?

9. What services are offered at the business?

10. What products are sold at the business?

11. What is your capacity? (e.g. can cater up to 100 people, can clear 10 km of roads a week, can transport supplies with 5 trucks, etc.)

12. Who is the manager/contact person(s) for this business?

13. Do you have liability insurance?

14. Are you incorporated?

15. Is your company bondable? 

16. Are you potentially interested in gaining business from the Proposed Powerline Construction?

17. Are you willing to partner with another business if it would enable a bid on products/services for the Watay construction?

18. Are you interested in partnership training?

19. What products/services do you have that you see may be utilised?

20. What Entrepreneur supports have you used?

21. What have you found the most helpful when setting up your business?

22. What should be included in a procurement strategy for the contracts that will arise from the Powerline project?

23. What assistance may you need to participate in the Watay business opportunities (check off the topes that apply to you)

  Yes No Maybe
I need to learn more about the Watay Project
I would like some Business Advice
I would like Training on Computers
I would like Training on Bookkeeping
I would like Training on how to better run a business
I would like Training on Business structures / partnerships / corporations
I need to learn more about marketing my business
I need to learn more about licensing
I need to learn about being bonded
I need specific trades training
I need specific training related to my business (e.g. Food Handling, etc.)
I need to learn more about hiring/firing employees and other Human Resources issues
I would like to create a business plan
I would like to learn about funding opportunities for my business

24. In what communities would you like to take a training course? (Choose all that apply):

25. What other assistance do you need for your business? (Please specify)

26. Other comments:

Thank you for participating in the Business Survey! 

Visit for more information on the powerline project.