Thank you for taking this survey as part of a student's internship work. As a participant, you can enter a drawing to be held on May 22nd for a chance to win a Hugo's gift card. Simply email your survey code at the end of the survey to to be entered. This will not be tied to your survey responses.

This survey provides a gauge of residents' opinions of various recycling and diversion options that help keep valuable material in the economy or environment (recycling, composting, and reusing and donating items). The City is provided with survey participant's opinions that can be further studied and updated over time. Public engagement is a key component of Mayor Michael R. Brown's Grand Forks Promise and will assist the City in focusing on programs of most interest and value to the residents of Grand Forks.

You can stop taking this survey at anytime. There are at most 25 multiple choice questions, and it should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Responses will remain anonymous, and the data will be reported in a group format.

If you would be interested in the results of this survey or have other comments, please email