Survey Purpose

The Washoe Tribe Constitution Committee was established by the Washoe Tribal Council on January 29, 2016, for the purpose of obtaining public comment for proposed amendments to the Washoe Tribe Constitution and Bylaws from enrolled Washoe Tribal Members.

For this reason, we will need the names and addresses of all Washoe Tribal Members 18 years of age and older.  The packet will be mailed certified by the BIA, and will contain the mail out ballot; the Secretarial election notice; a registration form with instructions for returning the completed form by mail; an addressed envelope for the  registration from; and a copy of a side-by-side comparison showing the proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws. 

In this survey, we will be asking for your contact information as well as your opinions on whether or not the Constitution needs to be updated, and if you do think it does need to be updated, what kind of changes would you like to see?

It is very important that you participate.  Please make sure we have your Name and Address for the new list of eligible voters; and please vote on the changes to the Washoe Tribe Constitution and Bylaws.