Dissertation Chair:  Dr. Catrina Vitagliano, Immaculata University (484-323-3464)     
Student Researcher: Chris Kichline, Immaculata University (610-850-5044)                 

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* 1. This study explores veterans’ experiences in clinical psychology programs. While there is a substantial body of literature focusing on veterans in undergraduate programs, there are no studies on veterans in doctoral programs. The intention of this research is to begin filling in this gap by exploring veterans’ experiences in doctoral programs of clinical psychology. 

After consenting to participate and completing a brief set of demographic questions, you will be asked to provide your phone number to be contacted to participate in a brief interview. You will also be able to provide an email address if you wish to review the transcribed interview. The interview will inquire about your experience of being a veteran in a doctoral clinical psychology program. The interview will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length. If the researcher and participant are in close proximity, the interview will take place in a mutually agreed upon location. If there is a significant distance between the researcher and participant, the interview will take place via telephone. You may decline to answer any questions presented during the study. Further, you may decide to withdraw from this study at any time, without penalty. No long-term negative consequences are anticipated. All information you provide is completely confidential.

The interview will be recorded and sent to a professional transcriptionist to be transcribed. There will not be any personal or academic information associated with the recording. After the recording is transcribed, you will have the option of reviewing the document for five days for accuracy and transparency.

This study has been reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Review Board at Immaculata University.  If you have any comments or concerns resulting from your participation in this study, please contact the Chair of the Research Ethics Review Board: Dr. Thomas O'Brien at 610-647-4400 extension 3221.  

I have read the information presented in the information letter about a study being conducted by Chris Kichline of the Department of Psychology and Counseling at Immaculata University. I have had the opportunity to ask any questions related to this study, to receive satisfactory answers to my questions, and any additional details I wanted. 

I am aware that I have the option of allowing my interview to be tape recorded to ensure an accurate recording of my responses. 

I am also aware that excerpts from the interview may be included in the dissertation and/or publications to come from this research, with the understanding that the quotations will be anonymous.

I was informed that I may withdraw my consent at any time without penalty by advising the researcher.

With full knowledge of all foregoing, I agree, of my own free will, to participate in this study.

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* 2. I agree to have my interview tape recorded.

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* 3. I agree to have my interview sent to a professional transcriptionist to be transcribed.

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* 4. I agree to the use of anonymous quotations in any dissertation or publication that comes of this research.

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