We Want to Hear from You! The Ware Community Development Authority is looking for input from residents of Ware. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions about planning priorities for the town.

The Community Development Strategy (CDS) is a planning document essential for some grant applications. The learn more about the CDS and read the current document, please visit the CD webpage at http://www.townofware.com/departments/community_development/index.php

A public hearing on the CDS will be held Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 6:30 pm, at the United Church of Ware on Church Street. 

We thank you for your input!

Planning & Community Development Department (413-967-9648 x120)

* 1. Please rank each of the following topics in terms of importance.

  critically important extremely important very important not as important not important
Housing Rehabilitation
Street & Utility Reconstruction
Sidewalk & Streetscape on MAIN STREET
Sidewalk Improvements on WEST STREET
Demolition or Renovation of Boarded Up Buildings
Redevelopment of Mill Yard
Financial Support for Social Service Programs (e.g. adult literacy; anti-poverty programs, etc.)
Development of New Industrial Uses
Improvements to Recreational Amenities and Facilities (e.g. rail trail, riverfront greenways, ballfields, bike lanes, etc.)

* 2. Meeting basic social service needs is an important part of a community's development and growth. Please rank your priorities for the following social services:

  critically important extremely important very important not as important not important
Domestic violence prevention
Adult learning/literacy
Substance use support (prevention, treatment, recovery programs)
Youth summer programs
Activities and services for seniors

* 3. Economic development is one of the major roles identified by the Community Development Authority (CDA). Please rank each of the following in terms of their importance to economic development:

  critically important extremely important very important not as important not important
Availability of small business loans
Business development training
Infrastructure financing (Tax Increment Financing tools)
Variety/mix of land uses and economic activity in downtown (reuse or demolition of vacant buildings, Flexible Residential Open Space Development, etc.)
New parking options
More mobility options (buses, bike lanes, Quaboag Connector, ridesourcing, etc.)
Low-impact tourism development (targeting the Town’s arts/cultural/historic/natural amenities)
Development of more employment opportunities
Foster a friendly business climate for locally-owned creative/micro-craft industries
Work to extend natural gas infrastructure into Town
Development of alternative energy sources (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, energy storage, etc.)
Expand Holyoke Community College opportunities (i.e. Education to Employment / E2E)