2017 Walter Lacks Award Nomination

The Health Initiative is accepting nominations from the community for its Walter Lacks Award, given to a St. Lawrence County resident who has demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to both personal wellness and to increasing wellness in others.

In 2011 the Health Initiative inaugurated the Walter Lacks Award, named for an amazing community resident, Walter Lacks, who well into his 90s works tirelessly to improve his own health and the health of community members, whether here or across the nation and the globe.

This award was created to both honor him and to recognize other individuals in the community who also express the qualities that Lacks embodies. A true champion for community health, Walter is a role model for all to admire and aspire to, demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment to both his personal wellness and his dedication to increasing the wellness in others.

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* 7. What does your nominee do that reflects a personal commitment to improving health and wellness in the community?

* 8. What does your nominee do that reflects a commitment to improving or maintaining her/his personal health and wellness?

Thank you for your submission.   The award winner will be recognized at the Health Initiative’s Annual Meeting on Oct. 26.