1. Walk the Trails Homepage

The Wichita/Haysville themed walking trails and markers, sponsored by Sunflower Title, are a great way to incorporate fascinating facts and details about the rich history of our state into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nine of the trails go through the heart of downtown Wichita, with another two trails in Haysville. 2011 marks the Sesquicentennial (150 years) celebration of Kansas’ statehood, and the walking trails and markers offer a great way to celebrate the warm weather and beautiful scenery our state and community has to offer. Walking regularly is a great way to get exercise and take charge of your health, and by utilizing the marked trails you’ll not only be working toward a healthier you but will be amazed, amused, and more informed about the creative people who made and make Kansas the great state it is today.

We want to thank you for taking the initiative to walk and to come to this site and record your progress. Remember, the organization with the most minutes walked during the “Walk the Trails” challenge (May 18th- 2011- September 30th, 2011) sponsored by Sunflower Title will receive a trophy- and bragging rights- so hop to it and take a walk!

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