Introduction & Stakeholder Profile

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This survey seeks to determine the level of community interest in developing a Wainui/Okitu Community Strategy.

A community agreed Wainui/Okitu Community Strategy would be a powerful but non-binding document that would:
▪Provide a 'road map' for future Wainui/Okitu development
▪Influence GDC and other partners in their plans and decisions regarding the Wainui/Okitu communities

The Wainui/Okitu Residents and Ratepayers Association proposes to lead the strategy development. The Association would actively involve other key Wainui/Okitu stakeholders in developing the strategy

Sheryl Smail, Pivotal, as an independent facilitation service, has been contracted to prepare a stakeholder map:
▪Identify key Wainui/Okitu stakeholders
▪Determine level of interest in a Wainui/Okitu Community Strategy being developed
▪Find out how involved people want to be in developing a Community Strategy
▪Determine the level of confidence people have to work together to develop a meaningful Community Strategy
▪Find out how best to communicate with stakeholders

This survey seeks your feedback on these matters.

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* 1. Please provide your name and contact details.

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* 2. Which stakeholder categories do you identify with? Please indicate 'yes' or 'no' for each stakeholder category. (Note Wainui/Okitu is abbreviated to W/O below and Resident & Ratepayers to R&R)

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W/O ratepayer
W/O resident
W/O R&R Assoc. member
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W/O home business
Other W/O business
W/O property developer
Wainui CoastCare Grp
Wainui Surf Lifesaving
Gisborne Boardriders