6% of survey complete.
Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the third Culturemondo international survey of cultural portals, that Culturemondo Network, is conducting in partnership with Culturelink Network.

Culturemondo is a network of people who either work managing, building or developing cultural web portals around the world.

We need your help!

We are continuing our work to benchmark and track changing trends in digital culture and heritage. This means finding out who is publishing which websites in which countries, what issues and challenges they are dealing with and what impact they are having on their audience.

Information about trends in digital culture (and especially cultural portals) is not easily found, and we are writing to you to ask you to help us in this task by answering a set of simple questions. The whole survey shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes

The results of this survey will then be shared with you and others via the Culturemondo website. They will also feed into the planning of our real face to face international roundtables (you can find out more about these at the Culturemondo Network website ( .

It is our hope that by working together to share information, we can advocate the value of online culture and its potential to reach out to online audiences.

Thank you for your time.

Aleksandra Uzelac - Culturelink Network / IMO

Jane Finnis - Culture24, UK

On behalf of the Culturemondo International Steering Committee