Here in the Went Valley Parishes we want you to feel included and involved, and we want to welcome as many people as possible into the Church for their wedding. Unfortunately because of the legal restrictions imposed by the Marriage Act, 1949, and the Marriage Measure 2008, we can't welcome everyone.

This guide will help you understand whether we will be able to marry you in our Churches, and point you to your own parish Church, or to another Church to which you have a qualifying connection, if we are unable to marry you here.

It is a kind of initial assessment to discover whether we are a good match for your expectations, and whether you will be able to benefit from having your wedding here.

You may find that you read the information, reflect upon it, and upon your idea of what a wedding is, and change your thinking, which may enable you to get married here through regular Church attendance, through adult baptism, or through deciding not to have a video made of the service, or by changing the day to one that is available.

We love to welcome couples for their wedding!

* 1. This is a simple quiz asking yes/no questions, and it is not designed to catch you out! But as we said it does present you with information and allows you to make an informed choice about your wedding.

Please work through the questions in turn and follow the instructions, thank you.

Please don't send an application form until invited to do so

What are your names?

* 2. Are you and your partner both British Citizens, or citizens of a member state of the European Economic Area?

* 3. Have you booked someone to video your wedding? I am sorry but video recording on Church premises is not allowed in the Benefice of the Went Valley Parishes.

* 4. Are you both 18 years old or over?

* 5. Are you both christened / baptised? It is not required if you qualify to be married already by residence, or by a qualifying connection, or are getting married by SRCs, but to be a member of the Church electoral roll and be married by banns at least one of you must be baptised, and it is a requirement if you want a baby baptised later on.

* 6. The Church teaches that marriage is for life, but that in exceptional cases marriage in Church may still be possible after their previous partnership is dissolved.

What is your marital status?

* 7. The Marriage Act 1949 allows clergy to marry those who live in their parishes, and those who are on the Church membership list (called an 'electoral roll' but not the same as the local government one!). The Marriage Measure 2008 allows you to be married in a Church to which you have a qualifying connection, for example through residence, previous Church attendance, or your parents' residence or Church attendance.

if you don't already qualify to be married here are you willing and able to come to Church once a month from booking your wedding, for at least 7 months?  This would enable you to join the Church through membership of the electoral roll, as long as at least one of you is baptised.

* 8. What day of the week do you want get married on? What month? Which year?

* 9. Thank you for enquiring about getting married in Church.

If you would like to enquire about getting married in Church please email the Reverend Adrian Judd,

We would love to welcome you at Church, why not join us in Christian worship, so that you can learn what it means to be a Christian by participation in the community of practice/ Church community.

Is this the right Church for you?