This form is for individual sex workers who wish to RSVP to the 2018 Scarlet Alliance National Forum, 13-15 November in Brisbane.

Attendance at the National Forum is strictly sex worker only. It is open only to current and former sex workers. Sex industry business owners that employ other sex workers, as well as managers and receptionists, are excluded from attending, even if they are or have been sex workers themselves.

Scarlet Alliance recognises that, as sex workers, we have diverse privacy needs. Years of sex worker community event organising have led us to develop an approach that maximises the potential for participants to have the greatest level of control over who knows our sex work status. This includes limiting who knows the venue, who is able to attend and where information is shared.

We ask you to not invite non-sex worker friends, family and partners to the National Forum or any related events (unless they are specifically listed as public) or to stay at the accommodation. We also ask that you please do not disclose the locations of any of the venues or accommodation.

We are unable to fund flights or accommodation for individual sex workers attending the National Forum. However, the National Forum is free for any current or former sex worker to attend and lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided free of charge.

Question Title

* 1. I am a current or past sex worker, and I am not an owner, operator, manager or receptionist.