* 1. What County and Jurisdiction do you live in?

* 2. In the Region consisting of Rice, McPherson, Marion, Reno, Harvey, Butler, Sedgwick, Kingman, Harper, Sumner, and Cowley Counties, the planning committee has determined that the hazards listed below are of significance to the area. Please indicate the level of risk, or extent of potential impacts, in the Region, that you perceive for each hazard.

  Neglibible limited Moderate Critical Catastrophic
Winter Storm
Utility/Infrastructure Failure
Hazardous Material
Major Disease Outbreak
Extreme Temperatures

* 3. In the Region, the planning committee has determined that a Flood event is the third most critical hazard. How important is it to you that your community participate or continue to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program?

* 4. Funding request for FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Funds are currently reviewed initially by the Kansas Division of Emergency Management. Listed below are their current funding priorities. Please check those that could benefit your community.

* 5. Have you had an opportunity to read your current Hazard Mitigation Plan?

* 6. Do you know where the mitigation plan can be found for your county if you wanted to look at it?

* 7. Your input is valuable to this planning process. Please comment on any other issues that the planning committee should consider in developing a strategy to reduce future losses caused by natural hazard events.

* 8. Do you have any mitigation projects you would like to see implemented and what are they?