* 1. Please check one:

* 2. The training session purpose and focus was clear.

* 3. The length of the training session was

* 4. The information presented on industry credentialing provided me with a better understanding of resources available to assist me with my job.

* 5. I have a better understanding of the different types of credentials and the value of how they may pertain to my programs.

* 6. From the information presented, I know how to locate important information including the Administrative Planning Guide (APG), webinars, data, and the Board-approved list of available credentials.

* 7. I know how to access the Single Sign-On Web Service (SSWS) to get vital credentialing data for my division.

* 8. The training session met my expectations for content and usefulness of information.

* 9. The overall quality of the video streaming professional development session was

* 10. Please use the box below for any additional comments that will assist us in planning future training sessions.

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