TLMA Expanded Ensembles survey

I really enjoy the people and the level of musicianship represented every year when the Tri-Lakes Music Association Christmas Concert preparations get underway.  I believe that the Tri-Lakes area has a skilled and enthusiastic community of musicians that would be interested in being more active throughout the year.  I know I am.  
                                                                                                                                                          -Rose Dunphey

* 1. Groups: The following ensembles are being considered for more year-round community involvement. Groups will be selected and further developed based on response.  Please check all the ensembles that interest you.

* 2. My preferred vocal part(s):

* 3. My preferred or most proficient instrument:

* 4. To balance instrumentation, I would also be willing to play (please include if you would need such an instrument provided)

* 5. Rehearsals for all TLMA ensembles will be on/off as performances arise.  (Ex. 6-8 rehearsals before a performance, followed by a month or two off.) Please check all rehearsal windows you would NOT be able to attend on an isolated, event-driven basis. " I could NOT rehearse on _________:"

* 6. Please list your other performing ensembles, sport seasons, regularly occurring travel, or other seasonal activities that we would need to schedule around in order for you to be involved.  Please include approximate dates where possible.

* 7. Funding:  Costs associated with this venture include venue rental, custodian hours, equipment, advertising, website and communication costs, and sheet music purchase.

* 8. I would like to volunteer with the Tri-Lakes Music Association Ensembles in the area(s) of:

* 9. One arm of TLMA could be to offer beginner-to-intermediate music instruction for community youth and adults in the form of a beginning band, beginning orchestra, and vocal music reading/group voice lessons. Participants’ goals could include enjoyment of a new art form, reviving a previous skill, taking up a secondary instrument, moving along a continuum of playing or singing to ultimately participate in a performing ensemble, and community involvement.  A directory of private instructors could also be promoted to this group.

* 10. Participant Contact Information (absolutely for TLMA use only. )