Cargo Defenders - Fighting Cargo Crime

Thank You for taking part in Cargo Defenders short questionnaire. We are aiming to establish the scale of cargo crime and illegal immigration and the impact it is having on the haulage industry.
We are also trying to establish the demand for a well designed security system for curtain side trailer.

The questionnaire should take no more than five minutes.

Thanks Again for your time

Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!

Cargo Defenders is your 24hr security guard protecting your fleet!

* 1. What is your company name and location?

* 2. A. How many trucks are in your fleet?
B. How many Curtain Side Trailers are in your fleet
C. How many rigid lorries with curtain sides are in your fleet?

* 3. What type of goods do you mainly transport?

* 4. Does your company operate any long haul routes?

* 5. Do your trucks Park up at night during long haul routes?

* 6. Where would they park up?

* 7. Have you any security measures installed in your fleet? How effective do you think they are in preventing cargo crime and illegal immigration

* 8. Have you had any cargo stolen from any of your
curtain sided trailers?

Please give a short description of when and were it happened (During delivery?, when parked up at night?, when parked up during the day?)How did they get access to the cargo - through the curtain or back door or other? Any other information you might think of that could help us

* 9. Please answer questions