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This page is offered to males of any age who were circumcised IN CANADA (regardless of current residential status) and who wish to share their experiences regarding psychological harm or harm to their sexual health that may have resulted from the circumcision. Please answer to the best of your ability, and if you're not sure, feel free to choose the option you think is most closely applicable. Your answers (and email address if you permit follow-up) are confidential and will be used only for research purposes. Answers will be collected by the Children's Health & Human Rights Partnership (CHHRP), a Canadian non-profit organization of professionals in the fields of medicine, ethics, law and human rights who are dedicated to the advancement of children's rights. The results of this particular survey will assist us in better understanding the possible consequences of circumcision on male health and sexuality.
Males of any age may complete this survey. Please share this link widely.
This survey may cause some people to experience uncomfortable feelings. Should you need to seek support, we include below a few resources (please make note of these now before submitting your survey responses):
  • Counseling:  (Carson Kivari)
  • Foreskin Restoration:
  • Legal Advice:

* 2. I was circumcised at the age of:

* 3. I was circumcised as a result of (check all that apply):

* 6. PRIOR to circumcision, I consider my mental health to have been:

* 7. AFTER circumcision, I consider my mental health to have been:

* 8. I believe that circumcision affected my mental health and/or sexual health:

* 10. I give my permission to be contacted in follow-up to my answers: