1. Student Survey

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100% of survey complete.

Please complete the survey.  Your thoughts and comments regarding instructors and courses are valuable to Green Country Technology Center.  The completed survey will be available to the instructor ONLY AFTER grades for the course are submitted.

* 1. Which session?

* 2. Please select which year you are attending

* 3. Which program are you currently attending

* 4. I entered this class with the knowledge needed to succeed

* 5. I attended class regularly

* 6. I prepared for class and turned in all assignments on time

* 7. My grades reflect the quality of work I have submitted in this class

* 8. The instructor set and maintained high course standards

* 9. The instructor was well prepared for class

* 10. The instructor explained topics clearly

* 11. The instructor remained in the classroom during class time

* 12. The instructor was available for questions during class, or by appointment

* 13. The instructor was patient with student learning

* 14. The instructor treated all students equally

* 15. The instructor varied methods of instruction (handouts, films, internet)

* 16. The instructor returned graded work in a timely manner

* 17. The instructor had adequate resources to teach the course

* 18. The training I received in this course has prepared me for the workforce

* 19. Was the progression of this course

* 20. I would recommend Green Country Technology Center and this course to others

* 21. What did you enjoy most about Green Country Technology Center

* 22. What did you like least about Green Country Technology Center

* 23. What made you decide to attend Green Country Technology Center

* 24. What changes would you suggest for your program or to Green Country Technology Center

* 25. Any other comments you would like to include in this survey