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* 1. My child(ren) is in the following grade(s):

* 2. Technology is critical to the learning experience of students.

* 3. What kind of connection do you have to the Internet at home?

* 4. Would you prefer to get information or newsletters from KTES online or in paper format?

* 5. Statement: I am satisfied with the amount of technology available to students.

* 6. I feel that my child has school access to technology tools of the 21st century such as computers, Internet and multimedia content in all curricular areas.

* 7. My student accesses ClassLink from home to work on projects.

* 8. My student is encouraged to use technology for school projects and has strong technology skills for his/her grade level.

* 9. I would be interested in technology training classes for parents at the school.

* 10. Your name: