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* 1. Please fill in the fields below to receive a reminder email and instructions when the voting begins on January 21, 2020 for the World Zionist Congress election.

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* 2. Would you be interested in helping with this campaign effort in your home congregation?

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ARZA is dedicated to advancing progressive values in Israel. In the 2020 WZC elections, ARZA represents the Reconstructionist and Reform Movements in coalition, using our position in international Zionist institutions to create a more equal, democratic, and pluralistic Israel.

We advocate for Israel to be a society that reflects the whole Jewish people, with respect and legitimacy granted to all denominations. We support Israelis who work hard every day to advance gender equality, civil marriage, LGBTQIA+ equality, recognition of non-Orthodox conversions, racial justice, peacebuilding, and democracy in Israel.

The WZC is a place where progressive Jewish leadership can have a strong voice that makes a difference, but only if we vote in strong numbers.

The first important 2020 election for the progressive North American Jewish community begins January 21 and continues until March 11. Register, vote, and strengthen progressive Judaism in Israel. By completing this online form, you will receive a reminder notice once the voting starts in January, with complete instructions for how to register and vote. There is a $7.50 charge that the WZO will collect from you at that time, online, to defray the costs of the election. With so much uncertainty in Israel these days, especially regarding its democratic institutions and commitments to pluralism, your vote matters more than ever. 
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